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Revolutionary War Movies, Documentaries, Films and Other Resources on the Internet
Many of our members develop an interest in the Revolutionary War, and naturally, there are a great many books available on that subject. If you're looking for movies, listed below are some outstanding programs you may enjoy.  

• The Revolution (2006 / 4 discs / History Channel). This is a "must-see" documentary for anyone with an interest in the Revolutionary War.

• 1776. Winner of three Tony Awards in 1969 (including Best Musical).  

• Revolution Revisited (1985) / An action-packed film starring Al Pacino as a New York trapper whose son is drafted to fight in the war.

• John & Abigail Adams: American Experience. (2005 / PBS production)

​• Thomas Jefferson (Ken Burns/History Channel)

• Founding Fathers (2000 / 2 discs / History Channel)

• Ben Franklin (History Channel)

• Liberty! The American Revolution (2004 / 3 discs / PBS production)

• The American Revolution (2004 / 3 discs / PBS production)

• The War That Made America (2006 / PBS production / 2 discs)

• The Crossing (2000) / Jeff Daniels stars as George Washington in this depiction of the  surprise attack on the British Army's Hessian mercenaries at Trenton during the American Revolution.  

•  "TURN" / AMC's period drama based on Alexander Rose's book Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring.
Here are some great resources on the Internet.  

• If you're a fan of New York City and the American Revolution, check out this article written by Steven Thomas and sent to us by a visitor to our page. This article provides a short introduction, links to other revolutionary articles, and links to 15 historical sites in New York City.

• A big thanks to Alexa for finding this great resource on the Boston Tea Party and many wonderful stories and facts relating to the start of the Revolutionary War.  Nice detective work, Alexa!

• History is Fun / The Yorktown Chronicles.  Presented by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, this fascinating website presents the Revolutionary War from an American, British and world perspective. In addition, a well-crafted series of short films cover various aspects of the War.

• Yale University 25 session lecture on the Revolutionary War by professor Joanne B. Freeman.  You must first download the free iTunes University app (iTunes U). If you have trouble finding this outstanding course, Google: iTunes U Revolutionary War Joanne Freeman.

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